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fresh COOK

Revolutionize your kitchen, saving time and energy.

At Amercook, we don't settle for traditional products. Our desire for innovation makes us combine the highest technology and an exclusive manufacturing process to find unique solutions that make the consumer's life more pleasant and make cooking a unique moment.

This time we present you Fresh Cook. A low-pressure cooker which breaks the traditional concept of pressure cookers and allows you to speed up the cooking process of food in an easy, safe and healthy way while saving energy. 100% handy and 100% safe, the Fresh Cook low pressure cooker preserves vitamins and micronutrients, bringing healthier dishes to your table.

Considered as a hybrid between a traditional casserole and a traditional pot pressure, Fresh Cook incorporates all the benefits of boiling, steaming and low-pressure cooking.

The patented Amercook lid allows the container to be hermetically closed by creating a slight build-up of pressure inside the container - which causes the interior to reach a temperature of just over 100ºC, which speeds up the cooking process, achieving great energy savings. The relief valve regulates pressure steadily and safely, preventing excess pressure from building up inside the container. This valve, unique on the market, will allow you to easily open and lift the lid at all times, being able to add food in the middle of cooking.

Never before has cooking been so fast, so easy, so safe and so healthy.



  • 5L low pressure-cooking pot.

  • Cast aluminium body, with non-deformable diffuser base with ferritic base.

  • Last generation 3-layer interior non-stick, “Stone” finish, without PFOA.

  • Your cooking system a low pressure, allows us to open the pot at any time during cooking and be able to add food.

  • Diffusion fund "full induction".

  • Glass lid, with silicone gasket, for a tight closure.

  • Ergonomic Bakelite handles with safety lock.

  • Steam outlet system through the condensation valve, the steam is retained in the capsule, preventing the exit of odours.

  • Suitable for all types of cuisine, including induction.

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