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Amercook - the brand

Household brand, created in the year of 1973 in California of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. 

We care for the design & quality of the products to give you and yours the best experience of flavor. Amercook was born to respond to the need of a consumer who is increasingly demanding premium non-stick cookware as a healthy cooking accessory. Our mission is to align ourselves with the change in consumer habits and to be part of the change they are making in their lifestyle, accompanying them in the way they cook and eat.

At Amercook we defend the authenticity of the kitchen, preserving the quality of the food and giving the best culinary experience. Just as we take care of what we eat, we have to take care of how and with what we do it.

Our goal is, through a quality kitchenware collection, a chef who accompanies us and who teaches us his recipes and “cooking tricks”, original and fun dishes and tips and info about the foods we cook with, provide you with the best utensils to make your master dish and accompany you throughout the process preparation, cooking and preservation of food.

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